Rockstar Servers Facing Issues Right After GTA V Went Free On PC (But Should Be Okay Now)

There’s plenty of people claiming that free copy of GTA V on the Epic Games Store (which is still available). And not only did it broke the store for a few hours, but it’s also breaking Rockstar’s servers.

If you recently tried to connect to the Rockstar Games Launcher (required to launch Rockstar games on PC), or want to login to GTA Online on PC but failed, you’re not alone.

Rockstar explains, on their official status page and on their Rockstar Support Twitter, that “due to extremely high player volumes, we are currently experiencing issues with access to Rockstar Games Services including the Rockstar Games Launcher and GTAV for PC.”

Red Dead Online, and GTA Online outside of PC, are not affected.

At the time of writing, however, the issue has been resolved.

If you just claimed your Epic freebie, expect some rocky server issues for now- the server issue plagued various users throughout the weekend. The story mode portion of GTA V should be unaffected.


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