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Rocket Arena Is A Jovial Looking 3V3 Arena Shooter, Closed Beta Starts May 23rd

It's Fortnite meets Unreal Tournament. Wait


Nexon has announced a new 3V3 Arena Shooter. Called Rocket Arena, the game set in the world of Crater where everyone shoots each other with non-lethal rockets for fun.

The focus on rocket launchers (and rocket jumping) seems to draw inspirations from arena shooters like Quake or Unreal Tournament. But the objective is not to kill the enemies but to blast them with enough rockets until they get knocked off the map. There is a meter that will build up as you take on rocket damage, Smash Bros.-style.

There are a few game modes outside of knocking out the other team. Therese includes Rocketball (Rocket League, basically), Megarocket (zone capture) and Rocketbot Attack (PvE horde mode). There’s also a training mode available for the get go.

The game is character-based, with each character having their own kit of skills and rocket types. Also, the bright and jovial art style is highly reminiscent of Fortnite.

The developers, Final Strike Games, has a wealth of experience with most of them involved in the Halo series.

Rocket Arena is entering closed beta on May 23rd. Signing up for the beta before May 22nd will net you some freebies.

When it launches in full, it will support cross-play on PC and Xbox One. It will also be available on the PS4.