Resistor Is A CaR-PG That Looks To Blend Post-Apocalypse With Burnout

One of the more underrated reveals of Future Game Show’s list of indie games is one racing game that looks unique with their style. And that’s Long Way Home’s Resistor.

Set in a post-apocalypse where corporations have run rampant, you get in the wheel as Aster as she builds up her team to take part in a series of death races with the winnings promising a better life.

This game is going to be an open-world CaR-PG racer, with the developers Long Way Home taking inspiration from the likes of Burnout Paradise, SSX and even Redline for their game and the trailer showcases that brilliantly.

We’re keeping an eye on this one as Resistor is coming to PC via Steam and Epic Games, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S & Nintendo Switch soon.

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