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Resident Evil 7 Coming To The Switch But Only In Japan And Only Powered By The Cloud


In the unlikeliest of announcements, Resident Evil 7 is coming to the Nintendo Switch. But in the unlikeliest of ways- it’s not the game running natively on the Switch hardware, but is only released in Japan and powered through a cloud service ala Playstation Now and Nvidia Gamestream.

Resident Evil 7: biohazard Cloud Version will run on the Ubitus cloud service and can be bought in full or pay 2000 yen (around RM71.70) for 180 days of access with a 15 minute free trial. The Cloud Version will also includes access to all DLC.

It may sound odd, but games in Japan have been experimenting with a lot of streaming services such as this, though this is the first we hear to run on a Switch. It’s an interesting solution to bring a game to the console should porting it down should be hard to do, but cloud gaming is still not a popular solution- Internet connection required to stream such games at low latency is still out of reach for many for one reason.

Still, it’s interesting to see Capcom is trying something to support more of the Switch.

Via Gematsu