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Resident Evil 2 Adds The Ghost Survivors As Free Update, Now Live


The Resident Evil 2 remake just got updated with three new scenarios called The Ghost Survivors. These are unique to the remake, envisioning a “What if” scenario on characters that canonically did not survive the events of the survival horror game.

The first scenario, No Time To Mourn, has you play as gun shop owner Robert Kendo. Runaway, has you control Racoon City mayor’s daughter Katherine Warren. Lastly, Forgotten Soldier debuts a new Umbrella Security Services called Ghost.

The Ghost Survivors scenarios have a unique mechanic unlike the base game or the unlockable scenarios like The 4th Survivor. You will find new items you can pick up throughout the run. But these items can either be gained from backpacks carried by certain zombies or a vending machine. The vending machine lets you choose one of three items. The other two will be locked for the playthrough.

There is a Training mode that lets you play these scenarios in a lower difficulty. Finishing the scenarios will unlock new goofy accessories including a raccoon that sits on your character’s head. Because why not.

The update is free and now live for all Resident Evil 2 owners. Resident Evil 2 is out now on the PS4, PC (Steam) and Xbox One.

Via Playstation Blog