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Ragnarok Online Celebrates Server Merge With Fight Night 2 Guild Event


The current iteration of MMORPG Ragnarok Online published by Electronic Extremes has merged the servers for The Philippines (Valkyrie) and Malaysia/Singapore (which already shared one server- Thor). To celebrate that, there is a new in-game event coming up: Fight Night 2.

Fight Night 2 is a PVP guild event where a guild can send a team of 56 to battle it out in a double-elimination tournament. However, only eight guilds can register. Though at the time of writing, the registration has closed.

The first Fight Night event was held early this year, but this will be the first time guilds from the Philippines and Malaysia/Singapore server can duke it out.

While a server merge may not usually bode well as it’s a sign of sparse player count, at least the game is still updated with events and such. Though with the high requirements, this is mostly served for the veterans in large guilds that have been playing all this while.

You can give RO on PC a go and download it here.