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PUBG Mobile – First Impression

Chicken Dinner, Possibly?


Wow, Finishing 2nd sucks.

1v1 before getting baited into a lose.The anger leads to another round which then repeats until you get a win. Playerunknown’s Battleground Mobile is, as expected, a very faithful port of the game onto a small rectangular or square piece of screen that you can take it anywhere.

The developers have done a good job to make the game smooth enough for a game that’s demands high power on it’s Consoles/PC counterpart, probably due to them making some areas like graphics lower than it’s counterpart along with reducing Draw Distance, so sniping at the moment is reduce to close quarters fights. Server-wise, it’s quite stable with a bit of some slow down on mobile data but it’s super playable, even in it’s current launch state. You can also choose which servers you want to partake in between three main ones but I recommend using the Asia server for the best experience.

Now, controls. If you guys have played any of the Battle Royale clones out on the mobile market, you can get used to the clunky controls, because the layout is similar to them.

It’s pretty easy to get use to this awkward controls. Really.


There’s also first person aiming in it but it’s almost a liability as the controls don’t really suit the touch screen nature of a smartphone, along with the recoil. Better off with the shooting with the hip fire (with help of Aim Assist, of course) until they introduce an update to stabilize the down-sights aiming. Driving is also simplified for mobile with your choice of directional arrows, sliders or virtual wheel.

Driving is much better than other Battle Royale games.


But what about the inventory system, you say? Well, Tencent ( the developers of this port ) did a bit of a cheeky look at the likes of Rules of Survival and took some notes on the base game to create a sort of management system that auto picks up items if you stand near an item, which helps not breaking the flow when you’re cornered into a fire fight.

It’s close to the original game this.


And that’s about it for this one. It is a good alternative to the main PUBG? Not really but it’s definitely better than the clones because it is the genre defining game. I think PUBG Corp. has made the good choice of releasing the mobile version at the same time as their main competitor Epic Games is cornering the freemium market with Fortnite. With that, it’s look like the Battle Royale genre isn’t done just yet.

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Game is played on a Huawei P9 (with 3GBs of RAM available). You can download the game on Google Play and on the App Store.