PS5 Console Revealed, Comes In Two Editions

The PS5 livestream early this morning ended with the much-anticipated reveal of the PS5 console.

Sony has only revealed the new DualSense controller ahead of time, but now we get to take a look at the full console, as well as a suite of other peripherals.

The PS5 itself will come in two editions, a normal with PS5 with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, the other, the PS5 Digital Edition, without it. The normal PS5 looks weird with the hump from the disc drive, but yes, the launch version will have a white exterior and black trimmings.

The PS5 will also have an official DualSense Charging Station with room to charge two of the wireless controllers, an HD Camera (that can be clipped on TVs and monitors), the new Pulse 3D wireless headset (featuring 3D audio), and a media remote, all sold seperately.

No pricing and exact release date for the PS5 (still end-of-the-year holiday 2020), but hey, at least we can be excited for the many new games being revealed that’s coming to the next-gen console.

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