Project xCloud Will Let You Steam Any Xbox Game You Own, Including Everything From Xbox Game Pass

Project xCloud, Microsoft’s answer to game streaming, is currently in preview form with testing happening in the US, UK, and Korea. At the recent X019 event in London, it was revealed that Project xCloud will continue to add more features, ways to stream and more markets that can test it out in the preview program.

Currently, the testers in the preview program get access to a set library of games, which will go to over 50 games by now. Testing will expand to Canada, western Europe, India, and Japan in 2020.

By next year, Project xCloud will allow any player to play their library of Xbox games on mobile devices, and newly announced at the event, Windows 10 PCs.

The library of games you own here also includes whatever is included in Xbox Game Pass should you have an active subscription. That means, without owning an Xbox console, and for $5USD (roughly RM21) a month, you get access to over 100 games that you can stream. It’s literally the Netflix for games.

Plus, you don’t even need an Xbox controller. Microsoft has revealed it is expanding controller support for various bluetooth controllers, including support for the PS4’s Dualshock 4.

This sounds like an amazing deal, especially for Xbox Game Pass. The X019 event also revealed various new 1st-party games coming day-and-date to Game Pass on launch, tons of new indies, all of the modern, non-MMO Final Fantasy backlog starting from VII to XV and for the first time, the Yakuza series all coming to Game Pass.

We still have no idea if game streaming is something viable for Southeast Asia, or whether Microsoft is interested to offer the service over here considering the Xbox’s lack of presence in the region. But should it arrive here, game streaming sounds a lot more of an attractive deal than whatever Stadia is trying to do.

Source: Xbox Wire


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