Project Winter Is A Multiplayer Survival Game But There’s Traitors In The Group, Open Beta This Weekend

On PC, there’s plenty of these multiplayer games with social deception as a mechanic. And now there’s one more game we can add to the list.

Project Winter is an 8-player survival game where players have to work together to survive the elements, the occasional bear attack and find a way to escape. The catch, among the 8 players are traitors whose job is to stop the survivors from escaping.

Think Secret Hitler but you’re playing a survival game on top.

Project Winter is entering Steam Early Access on February 7th but before that, the game will enter open beta for everyone to try this weekend. If you are intrigued, go to the official site here to sign up, download and play it today.

The open beta begins February 1st and will end on February 4th.

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