Project Q Now Called PlayStation Portal Remote Player

PlayStation has revealed the final name of what’s previously dubbed as Project Q. It’s now called the PlayStation Portal.

The PlayStation Portal is a “remote player” that does one specific thing: use the PS5 remotely. The PS Portal (not to be confused with the PSP) connects to a PS5 over Wi-Fi, and should allow you access to the PS5 anywhere in your home without having to be in front of a TV or screen where your PS5 is set up. This isn’t a standalone device but a peripheral for the PS5. It’s a Portal, not a Portable.

The PS Portal has an 8-inch LCD screen that can output 1080p 60fps sandwiched between a split-up controller that has all the features of a DualSense, including a 3.5mm audio jack. While there’s no physical touchpad, the screen doubles as one.

And that’s about it. You cannot play PS VR2 games with this. And you can’t play games that use cloud streaming. As in you can’t stream a stream through the PS Portal, which is understandable. Doing so will just worsen the image quality.

If you share a household where you have to share a TV, and can’t be bothered to use remote play on your mobile device (which is a thing you can do right now via the PlayStation app), then maybe the PS Portal is for you.

For those who already have a dedicated setup for the PS5 with close access to it any time of the day, this remote player doesn’t serve much purpose. It requires a PS5 to be in the same network as the PS Portal to be used. It functions rather similarly to the Wii U tablet as some have suspected.

Still, if you’re in the market for that, the PS Portal is releasing later this year for $199.99 USD (roughly RM928.45). No regional pricing for the PS Portal in Southeast Asia yet, but it will be available here as well.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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