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Possible New Hitman Announcement Coming On June 7th

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Over on the Hitman Twitter account, there’s a teaser of what could be a new announcement by developers IO Interactive. It’s only a tease, with more to be revealed on June 7th.

Many sites are all suggesting that this could potentially be the announcement for the Season 2 of Hitman. Hitman (2016) was built in seasons in mind with the first six maps and campaign being released as Season 1.

However, Hitman has yet to expand to the much eluded Season 2. The latest big content addition was with the Game Of The Year Edition which includes the Patient Zero campaign- featuring a new story but utilising remixed versions of the same maps available.

With the recent physical release published by Warner Bros. being called the Definitive Edition, it would be odd to see a Season 2 suddenly appear- but that is what fans and players are expecting. Either it’s another content update in the scale of Patient Zero, or maybe it’s a clean break: a new Hitman title altogether. It was suggested early this year they were working on something new related to Hitman.

The Warner Bros. website has an image of something call Hitman 2. Either it’s Season 2 of Hitman, or a full-on sequel, we will know soon enough.