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Hitman Definitive Edition Out Now Worldwide

A new publishing deal with Warner Bros.


Hitman, as in Hitman (2016) is now re-released again as Hitman Definitive Edition for the PS4 and Xbox One is available worldwide. This release contains all the contents from Hitman season 1 plus three bonus episodes, the extra content from the Game Of The Year edition (which includes the Patient Zero campaign) and three special costumes.

The costumes are a throwback to Io’s portfolio of IPs they now own. There’s a costume for Mini Ninjas, Kane & Lynch, and the most exciting of them all, Freedom Fighters. PC players can get these costumes as a separate DLC

The release is both for digital and retail simultaneously. Io Interactive, now free from its past publisher Square Enix, is now partnering with Warner Bros. to distribute the game.

This release is more for people who have yet to pick up the game due to its episodic release structure when it was first out. After the end of Season 1 content there were no additions of location (maps) so far, all the new content utilised a remix of the current locales, to great effect actually. So it’s safe to say this is, at least right now, is the Definite Edition you should get right now if you haven’t got Hitman yet.

Hitman Definitive Edition is available both as a retail release and digitally for the PS4 on PS Store Asia here. It is also out on the Xbox One.