Phoenix Point, The XCOM-Like Strategy Game From The Creator Of The Original X-COM, Delayed To 2019

Another delay. Phoenix Point, the turn-based strategy game ala XCOM from the creator of the original X-COM Jullian Gollop, will miss its slated December 2018 release and is delayed to June 2019.

Gollop announced the delay on a short but precise YouTube video below. The need to grow the developer Snapshot Games’ headcount to ensure the game is up to snuff has been cited as one of the reasons for the delay.

However, backers of the Fig crowdfunded game will still be getting preview builds in the months to come to not only satiate their appetites but also to look at the current progress the team is at.

Phoenix Point tasks you to lead a squad of soldiers fending off an evolving alien threat that will adapt to your playstyle, making each encounter more difficult. It will also feature the Geoscape as you plan out where to go, which missions to do and which factions to befriend or not. Plus tons of customisation for your soldiers, who will be permanently dead upon losing them in battle.

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