Pesta Game Is A Multiplayer Gaming Livestream With Malaysian Youtubers And A School Sports Day Vibe

YouTube alongside fellow local video game media sites MyGameOn and IGN Southeast Asia are organising “Pesta Game” (Game Fest) 2021, a multiplayer gaming stream.

Happening on January 30-31, you can catch popular Malaysian Youtubers Dumpling Soda, Syedot ASMR, Fuzz Channel, Wiser MY, Isaac Osman and Athisha Khan duking it out in various games (to be confirmed soon) but with a twist. It’s not your usual esports tournament, but rather, it will have a more casual school sports day (“Hari Sukan”) vibe.

In fact, there will be a sports-house system as well, with the mentioned content creators leading the charge.

You can watch the action unfold on the respective YouTube channels of the previously mentioned content creators, as well as Media Prima’s TV3, TV9, NTV7 and Drama Sangat channels. Viewers can also join these multiplayer games, or tune in for other prizes.

Given the more relaxed vibe, let’s hope the multiplayer games isn’t just your run-of-the-mill esports titles being showcased here.

Not all of the content creators here are not necessarily gaming channels (which should explain why you may not have heard some of these) but hopefully it opens the floodgates for more folks adopting video games as another way to cope with this ongoing pandemic.

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