Persona Theory Games And Sambasunda Collabed On New Music Video For Upcoming Game Kabaret

Malaysian indie game developer Persona Theory Games and Indonesia ethnic music fusion SambaSunda has collaborated on a new original music video for Kabaret.

The song, Song Of Mothers, premiered at the Safe & Sound online music festival which is currently ongoing and features a fusion of traditional Indonesian instruments like the Gamelan as well as contemporary ones.

Fitting for the game, Song Of Mothers has an eerie, mysterious, horror tinge to it that’s worth a listen.

Kabaret is a narrative game where you play as Jebat, who found himself becoming a monster and is now inhabiting another world, Alam Bunian, filled with characters inspired by Southeast Asian myths and folklore.

If you haven’t tried it yet, Kabaret has a demo over on Steam, which gives you a taste of the visual novel’s sombre vibes. Prepare a tea ceremony, and meet creatures like jinns and vampires, but as depicted in this part of the world.

Kabaret is funded by WINGS and is also part of ID@Xbox, the program that helps support indie games. As such, expect to see Kabaret released on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) as well as on Xbox.

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