Penitent Metroidvania “Blasphemous” Announces Release Date, Addresses Typo In Livestream

Pixel-art Metroidvania Blasphemous announced a release date today, though fans were left in some confusion regarding the matter.

At the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, the game was shown to be coming to Nintendo Switch on September 26th.

Meanwhile, the game’s official twitter (@BlasphemousGame) at the same time announced the game’s release date as September 10th, leading fans to speculate the Switch version was getting a later release.

Shortly after, though,  the official Twitter (@BlasphemousGame) had corrected the issue, saying it was a typo and the game would be out September 10th for all platforms.

Set in a world with a hanging air of guilt, Blasphemous has you play The Penitent One to traverse Cvstodia in a non-linear metroidvania full of beautifully animated sprites.

Blasphemous will be out on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on September 10th, 2019.




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