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Onrush Open Beta Starts On May 17th, Here’s What’s Included

Feel the rush


Codemasters has finally announced the dates for the open beta for its innovative arcade racer that really is not about racing, Onrush. Open beta starts on May 17th at 2PM UK time (that’s 9PM Malaysian time, +8GMT) and ends on May 20th at midnight (7AM Malaysian time).

Those who pre-ordered on PS4 has early access to two additional days with the beta being available to them on May 15th. However, pre-orders have yet to be live for PS Store Asia.

The open beta will include the tutorial, Superstar Practice (playable alone or with friends via online co-op) and the 6v6 multiplayer. Photo mode will be also be available during the Superstar Practice modes.

Two tracks- Big Dune Beach and Volcano Lake- with various weather options, two game modes- Overdrive and Countdown- will be cycled regularly during the beta period. Four of the eight vehicle classes– Blade, Vortex, Interceptor and Titan are available to play.

Onrush will be out in June 5th for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Via Codies Blog