Online Pit Fights Is Now Available For Shadow Of War As A Free Update

Shadow Of War has outlined a decent number of free updates coming alongside the planned DLCs included in the expansion pass. The first of these free updates, Online Fight Pits, is now live.

It is exactly as it says in the title. Now you can bring your orc and troll followers to battle other orc followers from players online rather than a randomly-generated orc. As part of the Nemesis System, each fight will make them stronger if they win and will also bring back powerful rewards and upgrades.

They’ll die if they lose, obviously.

The Online Pit Fights is now live by downloading the latest update.

Shadow Of War is immensely fun like the original game, but it dragged on too long which indirectly entices you to buy loot boxes to make the grind shorter, as we found out in our review.

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