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Shadow Of War To Receive Five More Free Updates Before 2018


Shadow Of War is still being supported with free content. Warner Bros. has announced a roadmap of the upcoming updates, as well as giving a timeline for when the DLCs in the expansion pass will arrive.

On November 21, Endless Siege will arrive. This feature allows you to continue play the fortress sieges even after the credits has rolled. Rebellion will also roll out, which implies your orc followers can now unleash an even bigger betrayal sequence. The photo mode, which is already great currently, will also be enhanced further. All this will arrive together with the Slaughter tribe paid DLC.

December 5 will being Online pit fights and see if your orc followers are strong against other players’. December 12 adds the brutal difficulty- no more last chance to recover from certain death- and the Outlaw Tribe as paid DLC.

There should be more free updates coming in 2018, as the infographic suggest. The story expansions in the expansion pass are still dated for February and May.