One Lonely Outpost Is A Farming Game But In Space, Early Access Launch This Month

At the Guerilla Collective 2023 showcase for The MIX, indie publisher and developer Freedom Games revealed that upcoming space farming simulator One Lonely Outpost is releasing on Steam Early Access later this month.

One Lonely Outpost takes the Stardew Valley style of gameplay into making a space colony, along with all the complications of space agriculture brings in. You need to overcome issues like unbreathable air, unfertilised ground, inaccessible water sources and more. Once you get those sorted, then you can start a farm, which later grow into a colony, attracting other prospectors in the process.

You will have a robotic pet to accompany you in this One Lonely Outpost as you explore, craft and of course, fish. Fishing is confirmed. Also confirmed is a subplot of discovering the folks who were here on the planet before, and what secrets lie under the surface of the planet.

The art style uses a mix of 3D world and 2D sprites.

Freedom Games is usually seen as a publisher, but they are developing One Lonely Outpost. Freedom Games also announce a slew of new games they will be publishing at the same showcase.

One Lonely Outpost will be out in Early Access on June 26 on PC (Steam).

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