Octopath Traveler II Announced, Releasing February 2023

At the September 2022 Nintendo Direct, Square Enix announced the follow-up to the RPG Octopath Traveller, developed by Team Asano.

Octopath Traveler II takes place in a new world, Solista, with a new cast of characters. You can choose one of the eight characters, the travellers, which you want to begin your journey with. The rest of the cast can be encountered later in your journey travelling around the world.

The eight playable characters are:

  • Hikari (Warrior)
  • Agnea (Dancer)
  • Partitio (Merchant)
  • Osvald (Scholar)
  • Throne (Thief)
  • Temnos (Cleric)
  • Ochette (Hunter)
  • Casti (Apothecary)

All the eight jobs from Octopath Traveler return, and yes, all the characters’ initials still spell out OCTOPATH.

There are a few new features for the sequel. For one, there are now “Crossed Paths”, story beats that involve two of the characters interacting.

Another new feature is a day and night cycle. Townfolks move around and react differently at night. And all eight protagonists have an additional Path Action when at night.

Square Enix has shared details of two of the protagonists of Octopath Traveller II so far.

Hikari is the younger prince of the Ku nation, and will begin his travels from the desert region of Hinoeuma located in southwest Solista. Hikari’s Path Action as a Warrior lets him challenge others to a duel in the day- winning so lets you learn skills. At night, Hikari can Bribe people for information.

Agnea is a Dancer residing in the Leaflands, western Solista, and her dreams of stardom send her off to journey the world. In the day, Agnea can Allure folks to be a summon in battles. At night, she can Entreat people to gain items.

Octopath Traveler II will be out on PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch on February 24, 2023. The PC (Steam) version in Asia will release one day later on February 25.

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