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Next Xbox One Update Adds AMD FreeSync Among Other Additions


The next Xbox One software update is adding something you would not expect on a console: AMD Freesync support.

Unveiled on the brand-new Xbox Insider stream, Freesync and Nvidia’s G-Sync allow the reduction of screen tearing and stuttering thanks to mismatched framerates without taking up resources that affect performance by shifting the tech from the system and into the display. The latest version of Freesync, Freesync 2 also supports better HDR implementation, giving wider colour gamut and darker blacks.

We have not see both screen tearing reduction tech utilised on consoles since for the most part, it’s a non-issue on consoles as developers have more control of what the range of a performance any given console can do, rather than the mix arrays of configurations available on PC. But still, it’s a neat new addition coming to Xbox One S and Xbox One X. The consoles are running on custom AMD APUs, which is why Freesync can be made available.

You still need a Freesync-equipped monitor or display to benefit from this, however.

Aside from that, the Xbox One will be available to share videos and screenshots straight to Twitter (rather than just a link beforehand), an Auto Low Latency mode (or Game mode) that works with modern TVs that will disable all post-processing and reduces input lag when you play games plus improvements on the Microsoft Edge built-in browser.

For streamers on Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming platform, the next update will allow you to share your controller with any of the viewers. Share Controller, as it is called, will give the selected viewer a virtual on-screen controller to control your current game, or use their own physical controller should one is plugged in.

Expect to see the update to roll out sometime this Spring, which should be as early as next month.

Source: Xbox Wire