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Next Need For Speed Payback Update Arrives June 19th, Featuring Boosted Car Levels For All And New Online Free Roam Additions


Need For Speed Payback is still getting some updates- a lot of the features are addressing some feedback from the community.

The first thing up is the increase level cap for all cars. Each car’s level comes from the combination of Speed Cards equipped though some cars are limited to tier 2 level of performance at level 299. Since the limit does not serve much purpose in the game- especially online where everyone should drive a level 399 car- it is now removed.

Alongside that, many new additions will see coming to online free roam- AllDrive as it’s called in-game. You can now invite friends in the lobby to do quick races- just set a destination and whoever reaches there first wins. There is now a chat wheel to communicate with other drivers outside of voice chat, including emotes. You can completely toggle the UI off as well.

As for cars, there will be three new premium DLC cars- either bought separately or purchased in a pack, similar to the last major update. They are:

  • Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
  • Chevrolet Colorado ZR2
  • Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR

But if you want free cars, thankfully the rotation of abandoned vehicles will see new additions by the way of Street League boss vehicles seen throughout the story. There are 10 of them and will be released each week after the update hits.

Customisation see something new added as well. There ware now cop car sirens, multicolour underglow, and 24 new rims from Fiften 52, 3SDM and HRE. While it is not mentioned in the blog, the Need For Speed Twitter account also confirmed that you can now store up to 100 unique wrap designs.

Outside of the three premium DLC cars, all of the features will come as a free update, scheduled for release on June 19th.

Source: Need For Speed