New Series Superstar Racing Experience Gets A Game Coming 28 May

This must be a first for any racing game to be based on a racing series that hasn’t even debuted yet in real life.

That title goes to the newly form Stock Car series, Superstar Racing Experience (SRX for short). A series that’s founded by 3-times NASCAR champion, Tony Stewart.

But this isn’t a game that’s built from scratch though, as the same Tony Stewart did get two game based on Sprint Cars (a lower division), so this game have just built upon that by adding the 16 SRX cars with the real life drivers in it to create a seamless addition to the game.

Along with 50(!) tracks to race on, this game could rival the more establish Nascar Heat series within this small Stock Car racing market. And I can’t wait to get a hold of this.

SRX: The Game will release for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam for $39.99 (165 MYR) on May 28.

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