New PS5 Update Lets You Join Discord Calls Straight From The Console

The PS5 is further improving its Discord integration with the ability to join voice chat from within the console itself.

Previously, to use Discord while connected on PS5 (and Xbox consoles), users have to initiate the voice call from PC or mobile app, then transfer the call to the linked console.

With the new PS5 firmware update, there will be a new Discord tab in Game Base (the row of icons when you press the PS button in game). Direct voice calls to friends, a DM group as well entering a voice chat channel o9n a Discord server can all be done within the console itself.

This new feature will be rolling out first in Japan and the rest of Asia (the new PS5 software update is now live in this region), followed by Europe, then Australia and New Zealand, then the Middle East and lastly the Americas.

Besides that, PlayStation also announced the “Share Profile” ability, where you can generate a link or QR code to your PSN profile that makes adding new friends easier, is rolling out next week.

Discord has received investments from Sony Interactive Entertainment, which should explain the efforts of integrating the instant messaging and voice call app is faster prioritised on PS5.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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