New Nvidia GeForce Driver Improves Starfield Performance

A new graphics driver for Nvidia GeForce users is available to download today. The GeForce Game Ready 537.34 WHQL driver is mostly to prep for the release of Lies Of P and Mortal Kombat 1, which will have Nvidia DLSS 2 support.

But folks playing Starfield should find this driver useful as well. A Resizable BAR profile for Starfield is being released which should improve the game’s performance on GeForce RTX 40 Series, RTX 30 Series and laptop GPUs. This is done via over-the-air to those with the new 537.34 driver and the previous 537.17 driver.

Nvidia’s testing claims the improvements to game performance averages at a 5% increase.

Our limited testing also seen a visible improvements to the Starfield’s performance simply by installing the new driver, from hovering around the 25-30 FPS mark to 30 FPS on average on medium settings with an RTX 2060 laptop GPU.

If you’re playing Bethesda’s latest (our review here), or prepping up for the two aforementioned new games releasing soon, you should download the new Nvidia drivers if you’re running on team green’s graphics cards.

The GeForce Game Ready 537.34 WHQL driver can be downloaded here, or through the GeForce experience app.

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