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New Need For Speed Payback Update Adds Three New Cars, Online Free Roam Activities And More, Coming March 20th

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A new update for Need For Speed Payback is set to release, bringing in new content as well as some much needed changes.

The three new cars are classical  muscle car Pontiac Firebird, the posh old Aston Martin DB5 and Eddie’s Nissan Skyline. The former two cars will be available straight for purchase and has Super Build customisations.

UPDATE 20/3/2018: Apparently, the DB5 and Firebird are DLC cars. Each should cost RM9, or RM13 as a bundle. The cars are not included for the Deluxe Edition.

Super Builds were limited to the five Derelict cars before this, which has additional customisation options such as engines that pop out of the hood, seen in this tweet below:

The latter, a homage to Need For Speed Underground’s main antogonist car, will also be available. The R34 Skyline is free if you’ve played Need For Speed 2015- which the car appeared outside of Underground. It will also see a level cap increase, from level 299 (limited to tier 2 races) to 399, as a response to fan feedback.

Another change thanks to feedback is the removal of checkpoints in Bait Crates. In Payback, cop pursuits acted more like checkpoint races rather than the openness seen in previous titles. The Abandoned Cars all featured free-form cop pursuits and this will also applies to Bait Crates- the trigger to cop chases outside of story events.

Activities such as Drift Zones, Speed Runs, Speed Traps and Jumps will now appear in AllDrive, the much-requested online free-roam, giving more things to do when you cruise with friends for car meetups.

All of these and more will come rather soon on March 20th.

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