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New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Showcases New Monsters, Inc. And Tangled World

Looking more like a game likely to be finished


Kingdom Hearts III has been so long in development it missed out the previous generation of consoles. But the much anticipated sequel to the Final-Fantasy-meets-Disney action RPG looks more like a game likely to be finished and shipped soon enough with this new trailer.

The trailer debuted at the D23 expo in Japan today and showcases more of the Toy Story world announced at last year’s E3, the new Monsters, Inc. world which has been rumoured and leaked for some time, and the world of Tangled, one of first announced new worlds Sora, Donald and Goofy will be visiting through their adventure.

Scenes hinting of major plot developments, with Organisation XIII’s Marluxia and Ventus, shows up in the trailer as well. More gameplay features like summoning Ariel from The Little Mermaid and having two guest characters joining the party.

Note the spiky hairs are a bit aliased and shimmering. It does not look good, but at least the blemishes could mean that this is more closer to real gameplay than earlier trailers.

Kingdom Hearts III is still set for a 2018 release for the PS4 and Xbox One.