New Kerbal Space Program 2 Video Shows How Easier And More Approachable It Will Be To Make Space Rockets

Private Division has released a new video, part of an ongoing series, detailing the new things and improvements coming to space flight simulator Kerbal Space Program 2.

The game has been lauded by actual astrophysicists due to its scientifically accurate simulation. Scott Manley (who does a lot of KSP and actual physics videos on YouTube) describes the game series as “a gateway drug to physics”.

The team at Intercept Games are making strides to ensure that in the sequel, building space rockets will be easier, and learning the physics-y stuff to make rockets fly (not explode) is made more accessible.

The first bit will see the user experience (UX) in building the rockets be improved. Wings can have their size and shape adjusted (rather than combining multiple parts). You also can work on multiple sub-assemblies together, and there’s an orthogonal view that makes lining up parts much more accurate than just eyeballing it in the first game.

The other new addition is an opt-in tutorial, in the form of animated skits. These are aimed for newcomers to get an easier grasp of concepts such as how orbit works.

Though these are optional, you can still just learn how space rockets the hard way: let them crash and explode a few times.

Kerbal Space Program 2 was originally announced back in 2019 and was developed by Star Theory. No release date has been set for this new sequel for now.

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