New Ghost Of Tsushima Patch Adds Harder Difficulty, Easier Combat Options

Developers Sucker Punch has released a new update to Ghost Of Tsushima. This is the first update since release, not counting the day-one patch 1.04.

Patch 1.05 adds a new difficulty option for hardcore players: Lethal. In Lethal difficulty, weapon damages from the enemy and Jin’s katana are more deadly. Enemies are also more aggressive, can detect you faster and parry and dodge windows are made tighther.

In addition, there is also another accessibility option, called lower intensity combat. The relaxes the timing aspects of combat. Blocking lets you block more attacks than usual. Enemies won’t combo you after a landing a hit. Heavy attacks interrupt Brutes, and enemies won’t attack you when you are healing. Plus, stealth is also easier, with their awareness building much slowly.

Another addition is changes to text. You can increase the subtitles, mission objectives and interact prompts to 150% size, an option to turn off all speaker names on subtitiles and subtitle text colour options (yellow, blue, red, green).

Ghost Of Tsushima is out now exclusively on PS4. Check out our review here.

Source: Sucker Punch

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