New Event Coming To ArcheAge SEA Celebrating Server Merge

XLGAMES’s MMORPG ArcheAge will be merging its two servers for Southeast Asia, Kyprosa and Orchidna. The new unified server, named Nui, will be live tomorrow, January 21, and there will be a 4-week celebration event to commemorate that.

Players with a level 30 character or above can claim the Nui’s Gift coupon after maintenance is done on January 21. This coupon includes Nui’s Blessed and other items like Labor Recharger and Gilda Stars.

During the four-week period, players can also have a chance at getting rewards like the Manastorm Crystal and Fruit of Effort. Heartfelft Gift Rank 1, a package that includes Hiram equipment, can also be gained for eligible players old and new. Higher ranks of Heartfelt Gifts can be gained as well by continue to play the game.

ArcheAge SEA launched in June last year, but it’s only available on Line Pod. The game, updated directly by the original developers that runs the Korean service, includes language support for Thai and Bahasa Indonesia as well as English. Moving forward however, this region will expand to cover Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong, with the addition of Chinese language coming soon.

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