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New Blood Championships Announced, Dota 2 Amateur League For Southeast Asia


Purpose Win Entertainment Limited and Fallout Gaming has announced a new Dota 2 amateur league for Southeast Asia. The New Blood Championships will focus on five countries: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and The Philippines. Other countries in the region can still join in under the “rest of Southeast Asia” banner.

As mentioned, this is strictly for unsigned players and teams. Teams will be competing in online qualifiers, then the national finals and ends in an international LAN event. Eight teams will be competing at the LAN event in Jakarta, Indonesia with a $25 000 USD prize pool up for grabs.

The top two teams from the international LAN finals will also be seeded into the second season of Galaxy Battles- a pro Dota 2 tournament run by the same organisers.

Registration should begin on July 31. You can check out the official Facebook page to keep up with their latest updates.

Having amateur leagues are a healthy sign for the Dota 2 scene here in Southeast Asia. There are numerous world-class players around here and with more proper tournaments like this should give enough opportunities for new stars to shine. It’s also good to see more structure in Dota 2 esports as well- even at the highest level Valve is rethinking how it should support the esports scene by building up smaller events around the season.