NetEase Games Is Making A Mobile Version Of City-Builder Frostpunk

NetEase has announced that they will be partnering with 11 bit Studios to bring the city-builder game Frostpunk to mobile devices.

Frostpunk takes place in a post-apocalypse steampunk world where the world has grown ever colder. The remaining pockets of civilization are now living surrounding a giant heat furnace as they rebuild society, collect resources and survive the worsening weather.

Frostpunk Mobile won’t be a port of that, but rather a mobile adaptation of the IP. It should remain authentic to the Frostpunk experience, you still have to build a society to survive the harsh weather. But there will be new features not seen in the original PC and console game.

“I believe we found the right partner who shares the same passion and wants to take the challenge.” said Przemysław Marszał, the CEO of 11 bit studios. “NetEase Games is the perfect choice. Together we are on the quest to bring an unforgettable game to iOS and Android.”

“We believe NetEase’ s world-class R&D, and operating and publishing know-how, and both companies’ shared vision to inspire a deeper exploration of humanity, gives the collaboration potential to create a meaningful gaming experience for global players,” said Ethan Wang, Vice President of NetEase, Inc.

NetEase has a deep portfolio in mobile games. And they’ve done mobile ports for PC and console games before like for Bloodstatined: Ritual Of The Night.

Frostpunk Mobile will be an interesting one. Given the free-to-play business model associated with mobile gaming, let’s hope the despair from playing Frostpunk Mobile remains to be the moral decisions you have to make in the city builder and not… other things.

No release date was announced yet, but a release timeline will be revealed later at NetEase Games’ Annual Product Launch Event on May 20.

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