Need For Speed Unbound Vol.3 Update Drops Later This Month – New DeLorean Car, Speed Pass, Linkup Challenges

Amidst the busy week that is the summer of video game announcements, EA just casually revealed the upcoming new content update to Need For Speed Unbound.

The Vol.3 Update introduces one new car, and unlike last time there’s no teasing around. It’s the DMC DeLorean (1981). Yes, the Back To The Future car. But you can put a big wing and go faster than just 88 mph.

Another interesting addition is the Speed Pass. This is Need For Speed Unbound’s answer to a battle pass. However, there’s no premium tier, just one tier of 75 levels full of unlocks including a Dodge SRT Viper (2014) with a new Legendary Custom bodykit.

The Speed Pass is time-limited as it will be gone after August 16.

To earn XP for the Speed Pass, you need to complete daily challenges, weekly challenges as well as the new Linkups.

Linkups are community free-roam challenges where you do stunt-based challenges together. Think Forza Arcade from Forza Horizon, or a more appropriate example, the Freeburn Challenges from Burnout Paradise. Developers Criterion are bringing back the gameplay concept they once pioneered, essentially.

There are other new additions with the upcoming Vol.3 content update. This includes a chat wheel, new Playlists, new dailies and weeklies, new One Shot challenges, fast travel during free-roam, and the ability to change the time of day in online free-roam.

For some reason, there are also more new paid DLCs being added. The two notable ones add one Legendary Custom bodykit for the Mazda RX-7 Spirit R (2002) and the Ford Mustang GT (2015).

Need For Speed Unbound Vol.3 update will be released on June 30. Check out the review of the game here.

Source: Need For Speed

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