Need For Speed Unbound Revealed More Side Activities

Last week, Need For Speed Unbound showed another gameplay teaser of The Takeover, a gymkhana-esque event where you rack up style points for drifts, jumps, and more.

But that’s not only the side-hustle you can do in the open-world arcade racing game. An accompanying Under The Hood blog post revealed even more activities you can do in Lakeshore. And as you can expect, most of them are associated with doing crimes.

First, there are Car Delivery jobs where you need to drive a car back to a safehouse. There are Low Heat deliveries where you are judged by how fast you can deliver- faster time equals bigger payout. Then there are High Heat deliveries where you are judged by how damaged the car is- less damage equals bigger payout. You have to shake the cops, and you can go to a gas station to insta-repair the car. So A$AP Rocky saying “drive it like you stole it” can also mean literally here.

The other job is Passenger Delivery. Here, you are basically the Uber driver for a racer who needs a lift (or as what used to be called, a taxi driver). Like Car Delivery, you need to get the racer to a destination- a Safe House- because of course the cops will be on hot pursuit when you take this job. This job judges your time- the faster you shake the cops and deliver the racer to the safehouse the bigger the payout.

There will also be other side activities that you can instantly engage in as you drive on the road. There are Drift Zones, Speed Traps, Speedruns and Jumps to do. If you played any recent open-world racing game, you’ll be familiar with these.

You can also find collectibles scatter around Lakeshore- feel free to smash those billboards. And there are challenges you can do to unlock new Driving Effects and more Bank (in-game currency).

Need For Speed Unbound will be out on December 2 on the PS5, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, EA App) and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Need For Speed

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