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Need For Speed Payback Brings Back Multiplayer Speedlists, But With Some Improvements


Need For Speed Rivals And Need For Speed 2015’s multiplayer mode were integrated directly into the single-player mode. You could invite other online races that are in your map to join a race. While it sounds great, players wanted dedicated multiplayer modes.

The last update to Need For Speed 2015 delivered that in the form of Speedlists. Need For Speed Payback will also use multiplayer Speedlists, but this time with some added improvements.

Players can now vote on the next event after the first one finishes, with players finishing in the bottom half of the standings table given more voting power. You could also keep the votes for use after the next event to ensure that one event you wanted gets through, especially after not performing so well in Speedlists.

To enter a Speedlist, you need to have a loadout, which basically means a selection of one race car and one off-road car. The game will match up opponents with similar performance ratings (tiers) as your chosen loadout. There are also ranked matches.

Finishing Speedlists will net you money, a chance to receive performance parts and REP (experience points). In Ranked mode, there’s an Underdog Bonus for playing in an underpowered car.