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Need For Speed Heat’s Handling Model Improvements Detailed, And It Sounds Convincing


If you’ve been playing the recent Need For Speed games and follow the discussions in the community, you’ll know one big issue of contention- the physics model. Not that arcade-style handling are all-around bad, but it’s detrimental to the vision the last few Need For Speed games have been sold on.

So, a new Under The Hood blog post has appeared, talking about the finer points on how the handling model for Need For Speed Heat is improved. Fans are skeptical, for good reason, but all the points in the post, should it come to fruition, should be a convincing change by Ghost Games.

First, drifting. If you felt like drifting in the recent NFS can a be a bit on-rails, because it was. Now, you get to control the angle of drift by playing with the throttle. Putting the brake bias to the front will make drifiting easier as the rears will get loose, putting excessive power and not much grip and you can drift by just hammering down the pedal. Drivetrains affect how much a car can drift.

That in itself is already a lot of new stuff to play around with.

The vehicle classes in Need For Speed Payback are also gone- so no more permanently understeery drag cars. Rather, the tuning and performance customisation in Need For Speed Heat should allow you to turn any car into such specific classes.

On the other side of the drift scale is not grip this time, but ‘race’. Race-focused handling should make cars control better in corners, allowing you to take them without drifting. Off-road driving is still in Heat, and you can tune a car’s handling either for road or off-road.

This all sounds like a move to be a bit more realistic with its car customisation, and should it even be partly successful it’s bounds and leaps better than the Speed Cards. But let’s hope all of this translates into a good experience.

Need For Speed Heat will be out on November 5th for the PS4, PC (Origin) and Xbox One.

Source: Need For Speed