Need For Speed Heat New Update Improves Pre-Race Loading Times, At The Cost Of A Temporary Visual Downgrade

Need For Speed Heat’s latest update has included some performance improvements on all platforms, but at a cost. Update 1.4 as detailed on the patch notes here have explained what this means.

“When you play after the update, the visual effects will be less spectacular during the intro and start of a night race. More specifically, there’ll be no fancy lights, smoke, fire or spectator’s cars. “

These visual downgrades take away some of the ambiance that makes the pre-race intros look cool, especially the high-heat races where it has two burning poles, a burning start line and a few dumpster fires around the race start.

That said, this is a temporary, short-term measure. The visuals will be brought back in a future update. At the moment, at least the same-y pre-race intro is shorter, as seen in this comparison video by Youtuber Cakechieveables:

Not everyone is happy with the temporary downgrades, justifiably so. Let’s hope a proper solution for the performance issues, especially on PC, is addressed without needing this compromise arrives soon.

Need For Speed Heat is the best Need For Speed game in years, as we said in our review here.


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