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Need For Speed 2017 Has Slowly Started Teasing.. Something


A new Need For Speed is coming but we have yet know almost nothing of note about the new game, aside from not being always-online (thankfully). But leading to E3 the Need For Speed Twitter account has been tweeting very small teases on what possibly is its setting.

First up is this picture.

Granted it barely even tells you anything, but applying some contrast to the picture and you’ll see a glimpse of a cityscape.

But given that we do have the knowledge of the first screenshot of the game implying an out of town setting, or parts of the outskirts of a town- and how brown it looked- it makes some sense if the setting is based on a fictional Las Vegas- located in the deserts of Nevada, USA. (Another related hint was this tweet, which hints of some sort of gambling- where Las Vegas has plenty of casinos- but it could probably just be a reference to the new season of House Of Cards). A plausible theory, but not a confirmation.

The next tweet is another smoking image, but with a visible Nissan Skyline. Again, it isn’t much but seeing it with a massive spoiler should make fans assured customisation will remain a focus- and hopefully better executed this time.

As mentioned earlier, these are teases. But expect something to be revealed by June 2- as seen in the sole picture of the game. We will totally learn a lot more by E3 next week, so the tease will end soon enough.

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