NBA 2K21 Demo For Current Gen Arrives 24 August, With New Changes

The NBA 2K series is one of the few anticipated sports games that many of their are waiting to get their hands on, so a demo for the upcoming game will be much welcome for them.

Some new and big gameplay changes will come with this demo, according to Gameplay Director Mike Wang. This include a new targeting system for the shot meter (aka how you’ll take a shot in the basket), new dribbling mechanics for those using the Pro Stick controls and thanks to feedback from their cover star, Damian Lillard, players are able to do point guards further than before.

So for those wanting to try out these new tricks. Wait no further, as the demo for current gen consoles will arrive this 24 August, 2 weeks from now.

NBA 2K21 will release for PS4,Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC on 4 September. With the Next-Gen versions coming soon.

Source: NBA2K

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