Nacon Showcases New Controllers For Xbox Series Consoles And Android Cloud Gaming

The folks at Nacon have been working hard since their recent entry into gaming peripherals creations, and after receiving official licensing partners from Microsoft, they have now displayed the new controllers for the upcoming Xbox Series X/S and the Android Cloud Gaming App.

The controller that are destined to be the choices of Series console owners are the Revolution X and Pro Compact.

The Revolution X is the high end choice for the players who want a sleek yet comfy design by this picture alone. It does include the new Xbox share button so it keeps to the theme of the newest console controller’s design.

Then, there’s the Pro Compact, where it has a more simplistic design for the casual players, and a smaller form factor than it’s bigger size brother which is preferable to small hands like mine.

Lastly, we have two controllers representing the Cloud Gaming side of the Xbox spectrum.

The MG-X Series of controllers, which are designed to fit a phone and let players with GamePass stream consoles games with controls that fit them. It has 20 hours of battery life and connects via Bluetooth, so no issues of USB ports not fitting in the phone.

And that’s it for Nacon’s catalog of new controllers. All of these controllers coming out sometime in early 2021.

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