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More Hints Teasing Spyro The Dragon Remaster Is Coming

Thank you Falcon McBob


With the success of the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy- the remaster of the first three games of the series- it’s highly likely that Activision wants to keep the ball rolling with the other Sony mascot platformer- Spyro The Dragon. While heavily rumoured a few months back, the trail has gone cold for some time until today.

IGN recently recieved a package of a purple, scaly egg from a Falcon McBob. A letter alongside the letter reads “Something’s about to hatch.” A cursory search of Falcon McBob points out to a private Twitter account with the handle “@SpyroTheDragon“.

It may seem legit, but considering April Fools and Easter just past, this could be an elaborate joke rather than a PR stunt. But true or not, we still wish the small purple dragon makes his way back to the current generation.