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Reports Suggest The Original Spyro The Dragon Trilogy Is Getting Remastered

Time for the other half of Sony's PS1 mascot getting the spotlight


A report by Kotaku UK is suggesting that Spyro The Dragon Trilogy Remaster will be out this year, with an official announcement coming this March. Activision is currently the IP holder of the PS1 mascot, similar to Crash Bandicoot, which the N. Sane Trilogy remaster sold rather well last year.

The report continues with suggestion that it will be a one-year timed exclusive for the PS4, similar to the remastered Crash trilogy (though we had yet to see it appear on other platforms yet). Vicarious Visions, the team that done the Crash’s remaster, is in charge of development.

It all makes sense to have the other half of Sony’s platforming mascots in the PS1 days to make a grandiose return. While Crash focused more on linear platforming levels, Spyro The Dragon and its sequels Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage and Spyro 3 Year Of The Dragon are 3D platformer with a hub worlds, side activities and collectibles.

The series peaked there, as the original developers Insomniac games (now responsible for Marvel’s Spider-Man) the series never got better, not even a new trilogy was able to capture the original three’s success. Activision later used Spyro to springboard the Skylanders toys-to-life-IP, with the purple dragon appearing heavily in the first of many games.

Source: Kotaku UK