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Monster Hunter: World Gets A Smokin’ Sick Devil May Cry Collaboration

It's time to fill your hunt with LIIIIiiiiiiighhhttttt


The latest cross-promotional event with Monster Hunter World adds a whole new level of style to the game with a Devil May Cry tie-in event.

Capcom put out a new trailer today showcasing the new weapon, outfit and emotes, full of signature DMC tone and showing off Dante in his original Devil May Cry appearance.

The promotional weapon for this campaign is a charge blade, based on the Alistair and Force Edge swords from the original Devil May Cry. Also included in the campaign is a pistol emote, which actually does damage similar to Ryu’s Hadoken.

Similar to other events, this event will likely be available for a limited time, with the gear accessible as a quest reward for completing a promotional event quest.

At the time of writing, the Horizon: Zero Dawn event is still available for those who want the Aloy armor set.