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Monster Hunter: World Dragonates Its Way On To Consoles January 26th



Monster Hunter: World has announced it will be coming out on PS4 and XBox One January 26th, 2018.

In a new trailer, fans are treated to the following: a new map, new monsters, as well as the reveal of the new flagship monster, Nergigante.

The trailer also shows a series first: animated cutscenes with actual dialogue. Previous entries have had cutscenes, though all dialogue was communicated in grunts.

The new locations include a new hunting area, Coral Highlands, as well as a hub town, Astera.

This new information comes following a reveal at Tokyo Game Show, which has many fans excited for the widely anticipated sequel and PS4 debut of the much-loved Monster Hunter series.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m dashing around my room yodelling “Mark of a Hunter”. Excited? Sour that you just bought a Switch hoping for a new Monster Hunter there? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.