Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Adds Primordial Malzeno In Final Update

Capcom revealed the addition of Primordial Malzeno, a new monster in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, that should be out today, June 8. It is part of the Bonus Update Ver.16

A new version of the Malzeno, defeating it will drop materials to craft new weapons and armour sets.

This will be the last content update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The game will receive new Event Quests until July 27, and new cosmetic DLCs will still be produced- though the contents are based previously released contents.

The final livestream of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a sweet send-off thanking the fans for the support, showing fascinating stats to show that there are so, so many players playing Monster Hunter. We’re talking millions of the same quest completed, and billions of dangos consumed.

Monster Hunter: Rise was first launched in 2021 as a Switch exclusive, but over time it was released on PC as well as on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The game had a good cadence of updates, including a paid expansion, Sunbreak, first released in 2022.

It’s been a good run for Monster Hunter Rise, and with a new Capcom Showcase coming, is it time for Capcom to reveal a new MonHun successor?

Fans of hunting games- where you hunt giant monsters that is- might also want to try out Wild Hearts during this lull period. It’s not exactly Monster Hunter, but it has some neat ideas as well as having similar enough fundamental gameplay elements to scratch the same itch.

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