Mobile Space Sim Game Infinite Lagrange Launches In Asia This Month

Infinite Lagrange, the sci-fi grand space sim by NetEase Games is coming to Asia, including Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.

Infinite Lagrange will have you explore the Milky Way galaxy and the vast, empty space in big, customisable ships. Players will be meeting NPCs of various factions each with backstories to discover.

Also, you can view the game at any angle, with full rotation of the screen available which can be used for gameplay (and make better strategic moves) or just gawk at how massive the stars and other celestial bodies are.

You can engage in the safe activities of mining space rocks, or go on and take out other players in combat, like any space game should let you do.

Infinite Lagrange will launch in Asia on August 18. Pre-registration for iOs and Android devices can be done here.

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