MMORPG ArcheAge Is Coming To Southeast Asia This June

ArcheAge is an MMORPG developed by XLGAMES, and it’s coming to Southeast Asia.

The developer has announced that they are expanding the MMO’s availability to Southeast Asia after successful services operating in Korea, North America, Europe, Russia, China, Japan, and Taiwan. The SEA version will support English, Thai, and Indonesian languages.

Interestingly, ArcheAge SEA will be launched on LINE POD- a new PC gaming platform from messenger service LINE.

Unlike operations in other countries, the Korea-based developer is directly publishing ArchAge SEA.

“I’m more than honoured to be able to introduce unique characteristics and a high degree of freedom ArcheAge has to offer,” said Jake Song, CEO of XLGAMES (pictured).  “This is our first self-published game service
internationally.  We will do our best in the operation of the game so that the Southeast Asian gaming community enjoys and embraces ArcheAge with reasonable pricing and various giveaways.”

ArcheAge SEA will launch on June 11 on PC (LINE POD), with a pre-character creation event starting on May 28 for those wanting a head-start. More details about the upcoming MMO can be found on the official Facebook page here.


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