Microsoft Introduces Xbox Play Anywhere- Cross Buy Between Xbox One & Windows 10 Devices

Microsoft is on fire at this E3. After working hard on pushing Xbox games to Windows 10 PC, despite some backlash from some fans of the Xbox consoles, Microsoft is fully committed in supporting the Windows 10 side of the ecosystem by introducing Xbox Play Anywhere.

This is essentially the equivalent to what Sony has done with some games within their PS4-PS3-PS Vita eco-system, cross-buy. Buy one game with access to all other devices.

Moving forward, games coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs that supported the cross-buy initiative will be marked with the Xbox Play Anywhere logo, which was in abundantly shown throughout all the games being shown on Microsoft’s E3 press event. (Shown in the picture here is Gears Of War 4)

The Xbox One may be a tough sell here in Malaysia, but having the option of using Windows 10 PCs to play some Xbox-exclusive games is not a bad idea. If the PC ports are as up to par with Killer Instinct, and Microsoft willing to listen and improve the UWP that is the backbone of these Windows 10 ports, it could be a good way to invest into the Xbox ecosystem.

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